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Who I Work With


“Be not afraid of growing slowly. Be afraid only of standing still.” 
– Chinese Proverb

It has been a central focus of my work as a therapist to inspire adults to improve the quality of their life. Many adults seek therapy to face extremely difficult issues, overcome obstacles to their well-being, and to increase positive feelings such as compassion and self-esteem.


A beginning step in the process of doing any introspective work is to establish a therapeutic alliance with the therapist, meaning that the patient trusts the therapist and feels it is a good fit. This is a subject matter which I address with all my patients as they begin treatment. Confidentiality and trust are of utmost concern for both myself and all the people I treat, and I discuss this at length as an initial step toward a positive experience and relationship.


I feel honored to work with people who are motivated to improve their life circumstances and have gained wisdom and insight from those who I have met through the years. I see this process as a two-way street whereby I am always learning alongside my patients, as every human being has a unique footprint and narrative to share.

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